A year ago, I dreamt that I could see living people’s bones. The memory of this lingered in my mind. I pursued this memory by taking a class in Finnish limb correction, an ancient medical practice based on the oral tradition of Kalevala. As soon as I sat down and wrapped my fingers around a pair of feet expecting to be treated I reconnected with the feeling I had in the dream. To me, making Kalevala treatments is a creative event where the person being treated, myself, and a communal idea of care and collaboration come together.

To give a Kalevala treatment is to read the particular language of one body. I come close to a very minute and real reality of life: bones, ligaments, cells, fluids, but also will and emotion. If there ever was a mystery of life, I can sense it the strongest in these moments.

From a medical point of view, “Limb Correction According to Kalevala” is something between shiatsu, classical massage, and osteopathy. Kalevala treatment stimulates the nervous system, blood circulation, metabolism, the meridians, and corrects misalignments of bones and joints.

Even if you do not have any specific structural problem in your body, the gentle Kalevala treatments are invigorating and relaxing.

Currently, Kalevala treatment is taught only in Finland and in Finnish language by Kansanlääkintäseura.

Pia Lindman giving Kalevala treatment
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